ACORDIS – Asociación Coordinadora de Colectivos de Personas con Discapacidad de l’Hospitalet de Llobregat, nos confió la organización, viaje y estancia de un grupo de 18 personas a Comarruga durante la Semana Santa. Del 25 al 29 de marzo, este grupo disfrutó de la población y muy especialmente de la estancia en el Hotel Nuba, […]

Un equipo de VAVAVA se desplazó a Berlín para visitar la feria de turismo más importante de Europa. Durante los días 7 y 11 de marzo, nuestros representantes buscaron nuevos destinos y operadores turísticos sensibles con las necesidades particulares de las personas con diferente capacidad física, sensorial, mental, médica y de movilidad. La magnitud de […]

For those of you who enjoy nature, we present easy access routes to do in Nature Parks belonging to Barcelona Provincial Council. They are routes around unique places, to do at leisure and at your own pace. The routes start at park facilities with handbikes and third wheels for those who want to use them. […]

This is what a group of 25 people did, who VAVAVA accommodated in the pretty “Vic Seminary“, in the capital of the Osona region. As well as feeling very comfortable in the Seminary, they had very good food and some enriching strolls. The Seminary is a 5-minute walk from the beautiful old quarter of the […]

This is what a group of 22 people from the MAP Foundation decided, to travel to Toledo and discover the charms of this Imperial city. The hotel they chose was the 3-star Real de Toledo in the ancient quarter of this city of the so-called three cultures. Many thanks to the MAP Foundation for their […]

There is nothing we would like more in 2018 than to encourage you to discover the world through trips and activities that will help you discover yourself. Whether you want to go alone or in a group, with friends or relatives, in VAVAVA we make it easy. Tell us what your dream is and we […]

We are pleased to give you some very good news: The “la Caixa” Foundation, through its Obra Social Department, has awarded VAVAVA its Social Entrepreneurship Prize for 2015. 20 business initiatives were awarded by “la Caixa” from 299 candidates from all around Spain in the fifth edition of its social entrepreneurship programme. The aim of […]

“The Laus Evening of Graphic design and Communication 2014.” The jury awarded me with the Laus Bronze prize in the Naming category for VAVAVA, the name of a new travel agency for people of different sensorial, physical, mental and intellectual capacity. It is obvious that I want to share the prize with the customer, the […]