“The Laus Evening of Graphic design and Communication 2014.” The jury awarded me with the Laus Bronze prize in the Naming category for VAVAVA, the name of a new travel agency for people of different sensorial, physical, mental and intellectual capacity.
It is obvious that I want to share the prize with the customer, the Sique! Foundation for people of different intellectual capacity. When a little over a year ago I presented them with my suggested name for their travel agency, they answered with the predictable “what?!” Despite the surprises and doubts when first hearing VAVAVA, they ended up accepting the argument on which my bold proposal was made and took it on board.
Today we have all accepted the brand name VAVAVA, even its customers, who answer it very well and, more importantly still, respond to it by contracting the services of the agency. A double success!
Lluís Lleida, Namer.

VAVAVA argument
The mission of the agency is to motivate and encourage disabled people to discover a world without limits, free of barriers and full of possibilities to turn their free time into a thrilling, intense, vibrant and enriching experience. As a value proposal, the agency offers them destinations and activities with a guarantee of adaptability and accessibility.
The name of the agency encourages movement, drives one to action and awakens curiosity over discovery. Of course, it also establishes a difference with respect to any other, and especially the generalist travel agencies.
The name VAVAVA gets its inspiration from the cry of encouragement and motivation “go, go, go!” It is “different”, like the people for whom the agency is conceived, coherent with the Sique naming line, easy to remember and surprising when you first hear it, which makes people say “who?”, bringing out the commercial argument.

I thank the management team of the Sique! Foundation for their confidence, and especially Samuel and Montse, the jury of the Laus awards and Javi Gil, of La Bienvenida Studio, who did the graphic work (logo and corporate image of VAVAVA), and had the fortunate idea of putting the name out to competition.

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